Name:  Jared Dial

Graduated: 2010

Major / Minor:  BA in Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management with minors in Business Administration and Marketing

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1. Describe your current job:
I am an intern developed through a partnership between the Student Conservation Association and the company ARAMARK that does professional services namely food services. My internship is with the Parks and Destinations sector of the company in an account within Olympic National Park in Washington. I am assisting the account achieve ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, measuring and analyzing waste streams, and developing a plan to achieve the location's 90% waste diversion goal.

2. What programs or clubs where you involved in at Chico State?
I volunteered with the AS Sustainability Collaborative for two semesters. I assisted in events such as This Way to Sustainability Conference and I was also involved with Local Food Task Force.

3. How did your involvement directly or indirectly contribute to or prepare you for your current role?
Volunteering with AS Sustainability exposed me to such a passionate group of people who are determined to work together to make a positive difference in the world. Being a part of that group was truly an inimitable experience for me. I learned the importance of coming up with solutions to problems rather than just complaining about how certain thing needs to be changed.  Another important point I learned (and keep continuously learning) is that solutions are not as easy as we would like them to be as there are always a myriad of secondary issues that must be taken into consideration as well. Looking at problems rationally and deciding how and why some solutions will work better than others is a very important skill I have attained along the way. Keeping these points in mind has made me a stronger advocate for sustainable change.

4. What advice would you offer to current students who are interested in going into a "green" career after graduation?
I never thought I would take a job with such a massive corporation such as ARAMARK, but then I realized that it is companies such as this that need people like you and me to help them become more socially and environmentally sustainable.  One of the fundamental goals of this internship program is to determine the appropriate strategies needed to put the responsibility into EVERY JOB at a company such as Aramark.

5. What is the best part of doing the work that you do?
Through my past and current experiences I have become more familiar with many different issues that exist in the world, I want to help others become more educated about them as well. That is probably the most rewarding thing about my job. If I can help others to become more conscious about sustainability then I will have accomplished a worthwhile existence on this planet.

Also: Would you be willing to have students contact you about job opportunities, internships or general advice about getting into your particular field?
Yes, contact me if you want to hear more about the internship, have questions, or if you just want to talk about sustainability.  My contact information is as follows:

Jared Dial