We show the greatest appreciation to the student organizations on campus that work towards supporting a sustainable future!

The following organizations have agreed to have a presence at the market:

  • The Organic Vegetable Garden will  be serving our community at Chico State with organic produce from our University Farm
  • Local Food Task Force will provided information on how shopping locally helps you, our environment and our local economy
  • E-ARC aschico.com/earc will be providing a comfortable atmosphere where you can learn more about an environmental topic each week
  • AS Presents aschico.com/presents will help set up performances for live entertainment and a fun-loving atmosphere
  • The Nutrition and Food Science Association csuchico.edu/nfsa will be preparing healthy food and recipes that offer creative ways to adjust your diet
  • Crops and Horticulture Club will be selling plants 
  • Green Campus csuchico.edu/greencampus will be offering easy ways to conserve energy output
  • AS Recycling aschico.com/recycle will offer interactive guidance to reduce, reuse, recycle!
  • The University Farm csuchico.edu/ag/farm will be selling products such as olive oil, jerky,  beans and nuts that come from the farm.
Help support these organizations that make our University a better place! There are opportunities to get involved and become more aware on how you can aid towards a sustainable future for generations to come. Every step counts!