SOAP??? It's not what you think!

Natalie Park
Major: Financial Management and Services
Hometown:  Portland, OR
Class: Senior

Based on her high school track record of leadership and community service, Natalie wanted to carve out a similar path for herself at Chico State.  Being the Vice President for Finance of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority sister was one step in that direction.  One of her sorority sisters encouraged her to attend some Activity Fee Council meetings to see how students allocated funding for a variety of student proposed projects and events. After attending the meetings regularly, Natalie decided the council would be a good fit for her.  She ran for office as the Commissioner of Activity Fee and was elected in spring 2010.  Along with her new office came a new title and new council name.  Natalie is now the Commissioner of Student Organizations and Programs (SOAP) in addition to having a part -time job in the Alumni Office.

Natalie would ultimately love to be the Chief Financial Officer of an organization. All that she is learning and practicing in her job as commissioner is applicable to that career path: communication skills, group work, leadership, and interpersonal skills.  Natalie is determined to use these skills to build bridges among people on campus and in the community.  Her personal goal is to make student organizations aware of funding available for programming that is important and meaningful to them.  One of her strategies for accomplishing this goal is to work with the Student Activities Office to meet with student organization leaders to share the proposal funding process. Examples of some of the projects previously funded by the council include speakers, panel discussions, lecture series, symposia, Rowdy Red Games, Up 'til Dawn, music/art events etc. 

Natalie also wants to use those connections to encourage involvement in councils, organizations, and clubs, and to promote revenue sharing - a way for students to designate, during spring AS Elections, a portion of their Activity Fee to support organizations of their choice. 

In Natalie's words:
"I get to be involved with a group that can make changes on campus.  It is cool to be a part of something so big.  I work in such a supportive atmosphere.  I love these people! I encourage students to dip your toes into everything. Step outside your box - it will enhance your Chico experience and you'll have the time of your life!"

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